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Once upon a time some creative people, some really frustrated creative people, got together and decided that instead of waiting for opportunities to come to them, they would create their own. Well, that really impressed us so we decided to do it too!

With backgrounds in commercial and video production, advertising, writing, acting, and improv, we can get a message across effectively and when needed, with humor. Eyefull Video can write, shoot, and edit broadcast quality video at a fraction of the cost of big firms.

We can also distribute that video product on a variety of media such as VHS, CD, DVD, miniDV, BetaSP, and on the internet.

Eyefull Video may have been "born yesterday" but it's people weren't. We have a wealth and variety of experience in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. All of which gives us unique insight into the client's needs and a different perspective on affordable solutions for the small business on a budget.

From a 30 second commercial to a 30 minute infomercial to a 90 minute training video, our creative staff can meet your needs.
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